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This is determined by the size, color and depth of graphics and text elements and how they interact in the piece. Color, value, size, shape and texture that can be done with balance. There are two basic types: symmetric and asymmetric. Symmetrical balance is when the elements are arranged evenly distributed throughout the design. Rarely can you find this type of Photoshop tutorials because they are somewhat biased towards the side of edgy and conservative design. They showed a lot of respect for tradition designers creativity and functionality. However, customers prefer symmetrical design, and exudes strength and stability.

Asymmetrical balance is the provision of different graphic elements on each side of the page, regardless of their symmetry. What is important is that the weight of two bodies is balanced. The asymmetry creates more contrast and variety. This gives the illusion of movement across the page. Informality creates emotional audience.

Ritmo. You read that correctly. There is a rhythm in the visual arts field. But no, it does not mean that just by looking, you can hear the emotion that generates graphical elements. It’s not like that. visual rhythm means that certain elements are repeated periodically and varied. This is achieved when the same series created equally. That is called a regular rhythm and evokes a relaxed atmosphere. speed is also achieved when ever gets larger elements into a larger one. In fact, it means consistency and strength. sudden changes in the size and distance creates a rhythm that more lively and interesting. Notice how this is played along to your favorite Photoshop tutorial.

Pressure. This principle seems to explain itself. The emphasis refers to the technique anticipate that the graphic elements should get the audience focused. This is what stands out and what to see first. You have to control the design elements to direct the public eye in what is considered important. It is possible to focus on two or more graphic elements. This is contrary to the goal. In fact, that is not possible even in communication theory books. In the story, the characters always stand out as the main character. The same applies in the visual arts.

Unit. We all want to talk to stretch our imagination and experiment. Honestly, it is a virtue that is more convenient to follow the graphic design. The hard part comes in putting something together. In Photoshop, this is not all filters in the project and look forward to making use of esteemed design. More is never good. most elements that can be used for the clearest messages is the design goal.

The final effect is used in most of the Photoshop tutorials like the look, you might say. But that was only because the author knows how to distribute the items to which they belong. In the end, they were able to create a sense of unity and wholeness into pieces.

The key is consistency. Knowing your goals and visualize your ideas. Run remember that the techniques for each effect and the learning that is still better than blindly.

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