Photoshop Art Result with Saving and Reusing After Image Selection

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Image quality is very decisive results in photoshop design and art of photography that suits your liking, let us read in this information with many choices. the selection process can be a separate task. Being able to save your choice to go back or use different images that you handle can be a real time saver. To save your selection, just make a selection, then choose the save option from the select menu, “Select-> Save Selection”. When you choose to save your selection, you will create a new channel and this will be the default name presented by Photoshop. A channel is a gray image that stores various types of information about your image. When you create an image, Photoshop automatically creates a color information channel with color information ‘RGB’ (red, green, blue). The alpha channel saves your selection as a grayscale image that provides a method for modifying, displaying, or combining parts of your image with other images.

After you save the selection, you can remember it by using this saved channel. This exercise will illustrate how easy this is. Choose a picture with a nice contrast between the foreground and the background. Choose your foreground using the tool options of your choice. Now under the select menu, choose “Select-> Save Selection”. This will be the first option you save so your only option is to save this selection, this channel, with a new name, “foreground”.

Now select your background, or if you like, use the same option but choose the opposite from the select menu “Select-> Inverse”. Select “save selection” again, and give this option a new name, “background”. At this point, if you click on your channel tab, you’ll see your two new channels after the default RGB channel with the name you provided. You will also see a small image that looks black and gray, like a negative photo. They will also appear to be opposite to black and gray.

Deselect your current selection by using the ‘Ctrl D’ option. Now under the select menu, choose “Select-> Load Selection”. Choose one of your saved saved options as a channel. You’ll see the same options you made with the ‘marching’ ant signature. I love choosing moving arrows, actually moving these options bit by bit just for the pure visuals to what really is included in the selection.

Through this same process, selecting your other options only now when you load options, choose a different channel name. Now you will see your background options re-enabled for you to use as you please.

Steps in saving, naming, and reloading this option open the door to using and aggregating channel information. Having a saved option can be a great time saver but introducing yourself to expanded channels and capabilities that add to your Photoshop experience will be more valuable than practice!

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