One Perfect Gift for the Photos Using Adobe Photoshop

by admin

I decided to create a collage of pictures taken throughout the years we were together. I added some funny captions, put everything Adobe®Photoshop® and was printed and matted in a custom frame shop. I displayed it in his party. While guests have the opportunity to enjoy the picture, they took the time to sign the mat. After the party, I had a picture of a custom framed and hangs in our bedroom. He was very surprised and he absolutely loved it. Here is how I did it: Gather your photos My husband ironically happens to be a photographer in the family. He saved digital photos on our computers since 2000. These are stored in folders by date. How lucky for me! I could find some big shot she wears a lot of his “hat”.

There are many ways to store and transfer the photos today. You can email them to your source, save it to aSanDisk (memory stick) or save it to a CD. I saved mine for memory stick and save them to my desktop. I did find some photos of various ancient 35mm, and I scanned into a file on my desktop PC.

Developing themes

This is where the fun comes. Hopefully you can easily create a theme from your photo. For example, there are many photos taken over the years of my father’s bed! This could be the theme of the collage I could make up for the 70th anniversary! In my husband’s case, he has a lot of interests and hobbies (toys) and that’s where my idea of ​​her wearing his many hats into my theme.

Make Some Text

This is another opportunity for you to show your talent and get yourself published (so to speak). I created a Word file to some information that I added to photos of my husband. I will share with you some of the better ones. He ran the Boston Marathon several times, and I have a photo of him running, the caption reads: “Runner: You ran many marathons and then you met me, I teach you the art of being settled.” Here’s another: “Mechanic: You fix many vehicles, you look so cute, with the fat on your face in a monkey suit your chocolate.” Okay, to know him is to love him, but you get the idea. You can decide not to add text, and to let the pictures tell the story.

I am designing my collage in Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is the industry standard image editing program. Maybe Photoshop is included in the tool chest of graphical applications, if not, you can easily buy and learn the program. There is a free Photoshop tutorials over the Internet. See for some excellent tutorial that will help you get started.

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