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Very interesting photography world with the highest painting art for us to understand, and Painting or a certain sculpture Art photography has the ability to move viewers through just looking at objects or images to see emotions, passions or concepts that evoke thoughts and feelings within the individual. What about art photography that moves people and asks for emotional responses? Often the viewer himself can not pinpoint exactly what caused this extreme response inside him when presented with a picture. Some of the most famous art photographers such as Ansel Adams, Anne Geddes or Dorthea Lange all have a particular topic or theme that they portray, which often represent images in a way that is not typical of how they are usually seen. The following artists have all contributed to the development of art photography by using themes in their photography.

Anne Geddes – famous for many baby photos, this art photographer is one of the most famous modern photographers. His works are often featured on cards, calendars and books. Dorthea Lange – famous for his incredible and haunted depressive photos, Dorthea Lange also made several photographs to capture the Japanese-Americans after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Due to the sensitive nature and political climate of the day, many of these photos were not released until 1972. Ansel Adams – amazing and amazing photos, usually black and white, the best of nature. Ansel Adams uses his camera to show the world the beauty of a National Park such as Yosemite.Galen Rowell – a famous adventure photographer who has captured wildlife and nature from around the world. The photographs range from wildlife and the African terrain to the Antarctic. Henri Cartier-Bresson – photos of people of all ages are very provocative. While some photo subjects such as Truman Capote and John Houston are well known, many of the photographs come from ordinary people with no special or famous fame. Jim Brandenburg – this artist has very close and detailed photographs of wolves in nature. Brandenburg often spend hours waiting in extreme conditions with just the right angles and shots. All art photography is a combination of luck and technical discipline. Able to wait for the right light, expression, or motion to capture what photographers are trying to explore is art and science. Art photographers who have been famous for their talent and talkativeness have for years developed techniques and styles that make their pictures truly unique. Learning art photography is a great way to capture images to save for future generations.

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